Sensitive to travellers with disabilities

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Because we strive to offer the same quality of service to everyone, we decided it was time to really understand the many plights of travellers with disabilities.

A number of Les Promotions Zone and Canada Discovery team members took part in a day-long training session with Kéroul, an organization that aims to make tourism and culture accessible to all. So we now have the expertise and tools required to better meet the needs of everyone.

We are committed to encouraging our partners to adapt their products and services accordingly. As well, we now propose a fresh new marketing strategy that pairs visitor lodgings with adapted experiences. Very soon, both our websites will be launching a special tab exclusively tailored for both youth and adult travellers with disabilities.

The Tourism Establishment Accessibility Program aims to increase accessibility to visitor infrastructures for people with disabilities.



Vested with a $5 million dollar 2017-2022 envelope, the PAET offers financial assistance of up to $20,000 to specially targeted tourism sectors to transform or improve existing infrastructures, and make them accessible to all.

Kéroul acts as the program’s senior management firm.

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