5 great reasons to book client trips yourself

Posted By : magalie/ 1275

Vous pensez avoir toutes les bonnes raisons de passer en direct et ainsi augmenter votre marge de profits? Détrompez-vous! À moins de connaître parfaitement le Canada, vous vous mesurez à de nombreux risques lorsque vous ne passez pas par une agence réceptive locale. En voici quelques exemples.

1. You absolutely love round-the-clock long-distance problem-solving.

Your client misses their flight or connecting flight, arriving at destination 8 hours late. Obviously their driver is not or no longer waiting at the arrival gate, or their car rental was cancelled and a fee must be paid to rent another vehicle. You’ll have the pleasure of taking their call in the middle of the night, displeased to be out on their own.

Should your client really have to go through this to save a few dollars?

As a receptive agency, we offer free assistance 24/7. Think Canada Discovery!

2. You love tourist traps.

After hours of research on the Internet, you book a rainbow of activities with the world’s countless dot.coms for your VIP clients. You saved a few dollars and your client congratulates you despite a few restrictions: The tickets are not valid Saturdays or Sundays, or between 10 am and 4 pm. Anyway, the savings are interesting and you always come up with a solution.

It’s 9 am on the dot. Tickets in hand, your clients are finally about to embark on the majestic two-hour cruise that’s sure to be an “unforgettable experience” according to the highly popular dot.com’s website. They’ll likely wait 30 minutes before even being greeted, because 4 buses with 50 passengers each arrived at 8:50 am. Then, a hundred other individual passengers showed up with the same ticket as theirs. Remember that awesome dot.com deal?!

Yes indeed, it’s bound to be a “memorable experience” for your clients!

Call us. Save time. It’s free!

Because we’re on the ground in every way, we’ve created partnerships with local businesses that don’t advertise offers directly to the general public via the Internet. For the same price as a direct booking, you’ll receive ultra personalized service as a bonus, thanks to you receptive agency.

3. You love ugly surprises.

Why use an inbound/receptive agency when you can book that darling little hotel you found online yourself? Its TripAdvisor comments were good and besides, you get a 10% commission! You book, specifying your clients will arrive around 4 pm. Once in the charming village, your clients decide to explore their surroundings and attend that festival everyone’s talking about… After all, they’re on holiday and they’re there to enjoy! Nobody mentioned the inn locks its doors at 9 pm and to enter, you need a key… that’s given to you when you check in. Remember that check-in that didn’t happen as planned, at 4 pm? You’ll likely hear a message like “Dear guests, we deeply regret the inconvenience but as stated on our website… blablabla… Please return tomorrow morning.”

Your telephone might ring again, in the middle of the night. And finding that solution will be … up to you.

Your inbound agency takes full responsibility for any inconvenience caused by service providers. So you can sleep like a baby.

4. You appreciate unremarkable products.

You don’t know the destination very well, but you tell yourself that with a little research, you’ll be able to create a custom itinerary. It’s easy to see what your competitors are selling online and you can borrow a few ideas here and there, right? In the end, your offer is rather lackluster. And the content? Mediocre at best or devoid of common sense. Feeling let down, your client leaves empty-handed.

As an inbound agency, Canada Discovery designs and develops custom tours sold exclusively in-house, in close collaboration with seasoned, well-established suppliers and service providers.

5. You like travelling across endless kilometres.

Google Maps is a great tool for measuring distances between destinations. At a glance, driving from Vancouver to Montreal in one week is doable. Yes, it is possible ‒ if you drive an average of 10 hours per day, stopping only for 2 hours or so to visit a few towns along the way. By the weekend, your clients will be so exhausted they won’t be able to muster enough energy to visit Montreal!

As an exclusive Canadian inbound travel agency, we know how much time it takes to really know and navigate your way around some destinations. We know if driving is not advised on some roads, or for instance when to add extra travel time due to road, weather or traffic conditions, roadwork, etc. Plus, some places can only be reached by boat or aircraft. We are in a position to offer you a full range of possibilities to suit every situation.